Step 1
Clip to Belt
Step 2
Hand through Loop
Step 3
Secure above Elbow
Step 4
Shoot and Score!

The Shooting Buddy™ is a patented basketball shooting device that utilizes muscle memory to dramatically improve shooting effectiveness.

The “Buddy” attaches to your shooting elbow at one end and your shorts at the other end.

When adjusted, the Buddy guides your shooting arm into perfect alignment. Simple design, easy to use and proven very effective.

Any age will benefit – male or female – lefty or righty.

If you consistently practice shooting with this device – your form will improve. With improved shooting form, your shots will fall more often.

  • Cards Accepted

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    Shooting Buddy (Single)
      $ 14.95

    Shooting Buddy (3-pack)
      $ 42.00

    Shooting Buddy (12-pack)
      $ 119.00